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The Voice of a Nagasaki A-Bombing Survivor
NAGASAKI August 9, 1945
The Voice of a Nagasaki A-Bombing Survivor
NAGASAKI August 9, 1945

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Kyushu University Global Peace Symposium 2022
The Voice of a Nagasaki A-Bombing Survivor

Online Symposium (Zoom Webinar)
June 26, 2022 (Sunday)
13:30-15:00 Japan Standard Time (Check your time zone!)

Welcome to the Kyushu University Global Peace Symposium!

Kyushu University’s International Student Center, together with its supporting organizations, earnestly invites you to join this online symposium. Anyone around the world is warmly welcome.

This symposium will not only discuss the Nagasaki a-bombing as a tragic event of Japan’s past; this special international event will offer you an invaluable opportunity to think about future peace and safety together with other participants across the globe. You will learn from the personal account of a survivor of the Nagasaki a-bombing, engage in a discussion directly with the survivor, and, we hope, commit to actively joining with this symposium’s global participants in the pursuit of global peace and safety in your own lifetime, particularly in these days of uncertainty and instability.

Please register for this symposium. Listen to a voice from the past to seek peace in the future.

Kyushu University Ito-Campus

Nagasaki Peace Statue

Symposium Organizer:

Kyushu University International Student Center

Supporting Organizations:

Kyushu University International Student Exchange Division
Kyushu University Library
Nagasaki Prefecture
Nagasaki Foundation for The Promotion of Peace


The Children of Nagasaki

  • Video Presentation

The Voice of an A-Bombing Survivor – Personal Account & Message for Peace

  • Keynote Presentation By:
  • Mr. Yoshiro Yamawaki
  • Survivor of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing, Global Peace Activist

Q&A and Discussion with Mr. Yamawaki, Survivor of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing

  • Moderator:
  • Dr. Masa Higo, Professor, Kyushu University International Student Center


Mr. Yoshiro Yamawaki

Keynote Speaker

MR. Yamawaki is a survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing. He was 11 years old and was at his home about 2.2. km away from the hypocenter when the bomb fell on Nagasaki City. Over the past decades, he has traveled not only across Japan but also around the world to share his personal account of the tragedy and a persistent message to advocate for the elimination of nuclear weapons around the world. In 2010, Mr. Yamawaki was appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Special Communicator for a World without Nuclear Weapons.


Professor, Dr. Masa Higo

Principal Organizer

Dr. Higo is a Professor at the International Student Center at Kyushu University. As an international sociologist, he serves as the primary coordinator of Japan In Today’s World (JTW), a year-long study program for international students, which introduces the participants to the culture, society, and history of contemporary Japan as part of an ever-changing global society. In this role, since 2014 he has contributed to organizing and facilitating the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Survivor Symposium at Kyushu University's main campus.

Professor, Dr. Junhai Guo

Advisory Organizer

Dr. Guo is a Professor at the International Student Center at Kyushu University and currently serves as the Center’s Deputy Director. As an applied linguist, he leads the Japanese Language and Culture Course (JLCC), a year-long study program designed to advance participants’ understanding of Japanese culture along with their proficiency in the Japanese language. Together with Dr. Higo, Dr. Guo has for many years organized the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Survivor Symposium at Kyushu University's main campus.


Thank you for visiting the website of the Kyushu University Peace Symposium. It has been our honor at Kyushu University’s International Student Center to organize this global online event to commemorate the 75th year since the Nagasaki atomic bombing.

We are greatly honored to welcome Mr. Yoshiro Yamawaki, a survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing and a passionate peace activist, as the main speaker for this symposium. His decades-long effort to call for a nuclear-weapon-free world has contributed to bringing the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty to its implementation on January 22nd, 2021, just the day before this symposium.

This symposium will offer you an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: you will be connected in real time with participants around the world, learn about the history directly from Mr. Yamawaki, and grow as a further informed and more responsible global citizen to bring peace, safety, and harmony not only to your generation but also those to come.

Let me strongly encourage you to participate in the symposium – this could be a life-changing moment for you.

Professor, Dr. Toshiyuki Kono

Director, International Student Center
Executive Vice President
Distinguished Professor, School of Law
Kyushu University

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